Combat Inflation

Inflation is an insidious persistent burden that affects everyone. Since I came to America in 1988, I’ve never seen prices this high for gas, food, rent and housing. Inflation is the highest it’s been in more than 40 years. New Hampshire families and businesses are hurting.

What we are experiencing is the result of bad government monetary and fiscal policies. It’s caused by too much money supply, out of control wasteful spending, and unnecessary regulations. Unfortunately, politicians want to defer responsibility and blame the problem on other things, such as the pandemic, war, corporations, or supply chain issues.

The U.S. Congress must take fiscal responsibility seriously and control the budget. We must stop run-away inflation and the mortgaging of our children’s future.

I will work to balance the budget, reduce the national debt by actually cutting spending, and support sound, responsible monetary policies. I support lower taxes and free-market economic policies that increase wealth and create jobs.

We need new leadership that puts our citizens first. The people of New Hampshire want to thrive, not just survive.

When in Congress, I will sponsor and vote for bills that reduce inflation and keep the American Dream alive!

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