Endorsements for Lily Tang Williams

USPIE Action Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress – June 01, 2024

Contact: Sheri Few (803)420-1987, sheri@uspie.org

USPIE Action is pleased to endorse Lily Tang Williams for New Hampshire’s 2ndCongressional District in the Republican Primary September 10th. Williams has proven her commitment to protecting children and our country’s freedom while the current leadership simply placates parents during an election cycle and does nothing to stop the liberal indoctrination under their watch. What is being taught in New Hampshire schools violates the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution, and federal and state obscenity laws.

It is time to defend New Hampshire parents and taxpayers; stand up to the education lobby and end the liberal indoctrination of children in New Hampshire’s government schools. Vote for Lily Tang Williams for New Hampshire’s Congressional District 2 in the Republican Primary September 10th.

USPIE Action is an affiliate of US Parents Involved in Education who is leading the fight against the sexualization of children, anti-American and anti-Christian propaganda, fake history, and the Marxist critical theories embedded across the curriculum at every grade level.

Augusta Petrone Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress – May 20, 2024

Augusta Petrone stated, “I am proud to endorse Lily Tang Williams for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District. I have been so impressed with her energy, focus, and resourcefulness on the campaign trail over the past months and years.”

“I’ve learned a lot from her about life under a totalitarian regime and about making a new life here with her husband, kids, and business. Lily represents the best of the American Dream. I hope you will support Lily, just as I will be doing!” Augusta concluded.

Lily said: “For many years, Augusta Petrone has been one of the most important activists and one of the most influential Republican women in New Hampshire politics. I have gotten to know her well since I ran for Congress in 2022. She has been my mentor, adviser and dear friend. “I am deeply honored to have Augusta’s endorsement!”

Merrimack Commissioner David Lovlien II Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress – May 13, 2024

Commissioner Lovlien stated, “I am proud to endorse Lily Tang Williams for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second District. In this crucial race, Lily stands out as a beacon of resilience and dedication to American values. Lily is not just another politician; she is a fighter. Lily possesses the authenticity and toughness needed to confront the challenges posed by socialist, Marxist, and anarchist ideologies threatening the fabric of our nation.”

“Lily’s commitment to our core values makes her the best choice to represent us in Washington D.C. Join me in supporting a true defender of freedom and integrity by voting for Lily Tang Williams!” Commissioner Lovlein concluded.

Lily said: “I am excited and honored to have Commissioner Lovlien’s endorsement. He is a deeply impactful local leader who has fought tirelessly for positive change to Merrimack County. His passion for service and helping others is something I both greatly admire and share. I am looking forward to working with Commissioner Lovlien to serve our great state and defend freedom in New Hampshire!”

Al Fulchino Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress – May 6, 2024

Al Fulchino is a longtime resident of Hollis, New Hampshire, an accomplished small business owner, and an active local leader. He and his wife, Susan, own Fulchino vineyards as well as several farming properties in Hollis. Al is an active supporter of veterans; he was named the Hollis VFW person of the year in 2021 and was recognized by Governor Sununu as well as the New Hampshire General Court.

Mr. Fulchino stated, “New Hampshire needs strong leadership, we are fortunate to have Lily Tang Williams ready to serve. Lily has strong convictions and tireless, passionate, energy. She understands how important this election is and what is at stake. Lily is not only a good friend but a patriot who will go to Washington and remember why she ran.”

Mr. Fulchino continued, “Lily, having fled communist China seeking freedom, will stand up for the average American. She knows full well that the American people are hurting from inflation and open borders. As a friend of Lily’s, I have come to appreciate how much she loves our country and how deeply she cares about New Hampshire.”

“I hope you will consider supporting Lily, just as I will be doing” Mr. Fulchino concluded.

Lily said: “I am deeply honored to have Mr. Fulchino’s endorsement. He and his wife are pillars of the community in Hollis. Al’s story is living proof of the American Dream. He followed in the steps of his great great grandfather as a winemaker and has built a highly successful local small business. In Congress I will fight to protect the American Dream so that future generations have the same opportunities that Mr. Fulchino and I have had.

Rico Petrocelli Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress – April 30, 2024

Rico Petrocelli is a member of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame, having played thirteen seasons in Boston. He was a two time All Star and played in two World Series: in 1967 & 1975.

Mr. Petrocelli stated, “I am endorsing Lily Tang Williams for the US House of Representatives in New Hampshire’s CD-02. She escaped the China’s CCP regime as a young woman and came to the U.S. for a better life. She loves this country and will fight for our freedoms. Please give her your vote in September and in November.”

Lily said: “I am so grateful to have Mr. Petrocelli’s endorsement. He is a highly respected influential conservative Republican. He is an honorable man and a man of the people in New Hampshire. He was born to Italian immigrant parents in New York City. His father was a garment worker in Manhattan. We are bonded by a strong belief that America is the country of freedom and opportunity. No matter where you are from, what skin color you have, how little you have to begin with, if you work hard, you can make something out of yourself and achieve American Dream.”

Xi Van Fleet Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress – April 23, 2024

Author of the best seller book “Mao’s America – A Survivor’s Warning” ISBN-139781546006305, published in Oct. 2023.

Van Fleet stated, “Lily Tang Williams is a good friend of mine. Just like me, she is a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. She has been fighting against Marxists in the U.S. for over a decade. I whole-hardheartedly endorse Lily in her run for the US House of Representatives. She needs help and support from all of us.”

Six Additional Endorsements for Lily Tang Williams – March 13, 2024

Lily Tang Williams, Republican Congressional Candidate, a front runner for NH-02 in the primary announced six additional endorsements today from State Legislators, three from the house and three from the senate, bringing the total from the New Hampshire State House and State Senate to FIFTY-TWO (52).

Senator Ruth Ward – “Lily has the energy and passion to give to New Hampshire what the U.S. gave to her when she came here as an immigrant – opportunities to succeed and freedom”

Senator Kevin Avard – “The time for a balance of Representation in DC is now. We need bipartisan Representation and that is why I encourage the voters in NH-02 to vote for Lily. My whole-hearted endorsement of her campaign comes at a critical time in our history.” 

Senator Keith Murphy – “Lily’s time in communist China gave her a deep understanding of the importance of protecting our rights from a government that spends too much and forgets its constitutional boundaries. She is a principled conservative, and I know that she will be the tough force that we need in Congress. I’m proud to endorse her for CD-02 and hope you will join me in supporting her campaign.”

Representative Jonathan Stone – “Lily is a steadfast advocate for conservative values, including limited government and protecting individual liberties. I proudly endorse her as a candidate who will effectively represent our principles and serve the constituents of New Hampshire effectively.”

Representative JD Bernardy – “Lily Tang Williams is a true fighter for America and our freedom.” 

Representative John Leavitt – “I would like to formally endorse Lily Tang Williams. I thank her for her courage and strength.”

12 More Republican New Hampshire State Representatives Endorse Lily Tang Williams – November 14, 2023

Lily Tang Williams, Republican Congressional Candidate for NH-02 announced twelve additional endorsements today from State Legislators, bringing the total from the New Hampshire State House to forty-six (46).

Rep. Louise Andrus
Rep. Deborah Aylward
Rep. Stephen Boyd
Rep. Jose’ Eduardo Cambrils
Rep. Tina Harley
Rep. Seth King

Rep. Prudhomme O’Brien
Rep. Fred Plett
Rep. Yury Polozov
Rep. Kelley Potenza
Rep. Shane Sirois
Rep. Lisa Smart

34 Republican New Hampshire State Representatives Endorse Lily Tang Williams – September 20, 2023

Lily Tang Williams, Republican Primary candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Hampshire’s 2nd district, is pleased to share her recent 2024 campaign endorsements from the following members of the NH State House.

Rep. Aidan Ankarberg
Rep. Cyril Aures
Rep. Glenn Bailey
Rep. Mike Belcher
Rep. Lex Berezhny
Rep. Ralph Boehm
Rep. Travis Corcoran
Rep. Glenn Cordelli
Rep. Matthew Coulon
Rep. Leah Cushman
Rep. Keith Erf
Rep. Jason Gerhard
Rep. Deborah Hobson
Rep. Tony Lekas
Rep. Alicia Lekas
Rep. Tom Mannion
Rep. Lisa Mazur

Rep. Nikki McCarter
Rep. Carol McGuire
Rep. Dan McGuire
Rep. Kristin Noble
Rep. Katy Peternel
Rep. Emily Phillips
Rep. Tom Ploszaj
Rep. Daniel Popovici-Muller
Rep. Arlene Quaratiello
Rep. Karen Reid
Rep. Terry Roy
Rep. Matthew Santonastaso
Rep. Sheila Seidel
Rep. Vanessa Sheehan
Rep. Julius Soti
Rep. Paul Terry
Rep. Clayton Wood

“I am honored to receive these endorsements for my campaign. I want to thank them all for their public service and their trust in me to represent the Granite State in Washington DC. The early support by these State Representatives provides me with the encouragement I need as we begin to kick our campaign into high gear.”

United States Parents Involved in Education Action – August 19, 2022

It was a pleasure to receive the endorsement from United States Parents Involved in Education Action (USPIE Action). USPIE Action is at the forefront of returning education back to students and assuring the parental role in education. I grew up during Mao’s cultural revolution, and I have witnessed firsthand, communist indoctrination in classrooms. In recent years we have seen similar things. A steady slide toward education not being transparent, racist indoctrination in classrooms such as CRT, parents being shut out, and federal overreach into our community’s classrooms. In Congress, I will be a champion for putting students first and returning the education to local communities and parents.

To view the endorsement in its entirety click here.

Tea Party Express Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress in New Hampshire – August 4, 2022

On August 4, 2022, the Tea Party Express, the Nations largest Tea Party Organization, announced it’s endorsement of our campaign!

Read the endorsement here.

New Hampshire State Legislators – March 15, 2022

I am grateful for the endorsements of so many of our state’s legislators so early on. Their support provides me with the encouragement I need as we begin to kick our campaign into high gear. I plan to continue to work with our state legislators to identify Federal policy priorities for our state and the people of New Hampshire

Sen. Ruth Ward

Rep. Aidan Ankarberg
Rep. Alan Bershtein
Rep. Alicia Lekas
Rep. Dustin Dodge
Rep. Glenn Bailey
Rep. Glenn Cordelli
Rep. Hershel Nunez
Rep. John Burt
Rep. Josh Yokela
Rep. Julius Soti
Rep. Keith Erf
Rep. Leah Cushman

Rep. Lex Berezhny
Rep. Mark Warden
Rep. Matthew Santonastaso
Rep. Melissa Blasek
Rep. Michael Sylvia
Rep. Michael Yakubovich
Rep. Ralph Boehm
Rep. Richard Littlefield
Rep. Stephen Boyd
Rep. Terry Roy
Rep. Tom Ploszaj
Rep. Tony Lekas
Rep. William Foster

The Dartmouth College Republicans – April 11, 2022

I am pleased to announce this exciting endorsement:

“The Dartmouth College Republicans are proud to endorse Lily Tang Williams for U.S. Congress representing NH CD-2. Her personal story of fleeing communism and her love for America is inspiring, especially now, during a time in which we are witnessing the rise of Neo-Marxist ideology and Critical Race Theory in America, which threaten our educational institutions and our youth. We are confident that Lily will fight for New Hampshire residents in the U.S. House of Representative to protect our constitutional rights and liberty.”

Chloe Ezzo, President
The Dartmouth College Republicans

New Hampshire Conservative Majority Project – June 30, 2022

Weare, NH, June 30, 2022.  New Hampshire Conservative Majority Project (NHCMP) has formerly endorsed Lily Tang Williams, Republican Congressional Candidate in NH-02. The NHCMP is a grassroots coalition founded in 2008 to elect principled Republicans who stand for low taxes, individual liberty, free markets, limited government, and most importantly, the U.S. and NH constitutions. The NHCMP currently has over 6000 members.

Lily issued a statement about this endorsement:

“I’m very honored and grateful for this endorsement. I came to this country with nothing but I am blessed to be living my American Dream today. I love the people of New Hampshire and share the spirit of Live Free or Die with them. I will work hard to win the Republican Primary on Sept. 13th and the General Election on Nov. 8th.”

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