Lily’s Issue Priorities


Let’s get special interests, corporations, and the Federal government out of managing the economy. Instead of pushing for public-private partnerships and regulations that seem only to end up helping politically connected big players, I will endeavor to remove subsidies and red tape for all businesses, large and small, unleashing true market competition. We must allow the free market to thrive. Only then do job growth and real prosperity naturally follow.

We must declare energy freedom and allow access, with appropriate mechanisms to control pollution, to all of our available resources: nuclear, oil, solar, coal, and wind. We should not be in an either/or political fight amongst ourselves on which energy sources to promote. Artificial energy restrictions not only do not make sense for national security (dependence on other countries), but it further divides and impoverishes the country.

Lastly, plain and simple, the government must reduce its spending; we must grow the economy and start paying down the national debt. Our children and grandchildren will thank us.

Freedom of Speech

We must adhere to The Constitution of the United States, which elucidates and protects our rights, whether in the physical or digital town square.

People have to speak freely to think freely. We must exchange ideas and communicate with each other to get to the truth and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions to problems we face as a country. When others wish to control speech, they want to control thoughts, and keep those they wish to control from knowing the truth. Freedom of speech is meant to protect the listener first! Censorship exercised by collusion between government and big tech or the media is immoral and dangerous.

We are truly unique in America because our First Amendment protects individuals’ freedom of speech, especially speech we might disagree with. It is essential to uphold freedom of speech so everyone will hear the truth.

Border Security

Border security is essential for our national security. We need to secure the border, enforce current laws, build necessary barriers to stop drug smuggling and human trafficking and prevent people who want to harm us from entering our country. Without a border, we no longer have a country.

Because legal immigration has become inextricably linked to illegal immigration, we  must recognize that our legal immigration system needs reform. To streamline the process and encourage people only to come here legally, those who insist on crossing the border illegally should be detained, identified, and sent back.

Thus, the practice of crossing our borders illegally, then immediately claiming sanctuary to somehow sanitize coming here illegally, must end; no more catch and release.

2nd Amendment Rights

I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. I support a national constitutional carry law. I will work for the repeal of all unconstitutional gun control laws, including gun-free zones, which only incentivize criminals with defenseless prey.

We are not vigorously enforcing the gun laws we already have because it is obvious that criminals don’t seem to be obeying the law anyway. Law-abiding citizens don’t need any more hoops to jump through to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Further restrictions on “guns” should not be used as excuses to control the law-abiding.


Education is a states’ rights issue, pure and simple. Moreover, here in New Hampshire, we go a step further; we believe strongly in local control. I recognize and applaud local control, and deeply respect that long standing culture and tradition. Accordingly, it is time to eliminate the federal Department of Education and repeal all federal laws regulating K-12 education.

Social Security & Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are programs our seniors have paid into their whole working lives. Seniors can count on me to fight for them and protect those earned benefits. We must strengthen the protections of these benefits by severely limiting Federal Government borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund. Social Security is not a political slush fund; this is money the Federal Government should not play with.

Foreign Policy

I believe in peace through strength, having a strong and non-political military, and pursuing American interests first. In dealing with international conflicts, we must be unified and consistent in seeking diplomatic, economic, and technological solutions whenever possible.

Congress has been derelict in building consensus amongst our citizens by refusing to declare war when we have waged war. This is one of Congress’s most sacred duties, yet it has failed miserably, especially since WWII (i.e. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan …).

Other world organizations, like the World Economic Forum or the United Nations, have no legal authority or mandates over our citizens. The U.S. Congress is solely responsible for ensuring citizens representation and consent before any foreign conflict.


The Supreme Court has ruled this is a states’ right issue. If elected to the U.S. House, I will not vote in favor of any federal law concerning any aspect of abortion (pro, anti, or anywhere in between). It is the right of New Hampshire citizens to decide this issue for them. I will respect the right of the people of New Hampshire to vote on it through their representative government.

Term Limits

I have signed the pledge to sponsor (or cosponsor) and vote to limit U.S. House of Representatives to three terms, and the U.S. Senate to two terms. This will require an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Framers and Ratifiers never intended to have career politicians in our country. I firmly believe that the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people.