Lily’s Issue Priorities

Combat Inflation

Since I came to America in 1988, I’ve never seen prices this high for gas, food, rent and housing. Inflation is the highest it’s been in more than 40 years. New Hampshire families and businesses are hurting.

Defend Parental Rights

Parents have a right to know what their children are taught in school.  As a parent myself, I believe schools should not be political indoctrination centers.

Protect Free Speech

Growing up during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, I didn’t have free speech. I was afraid to speak up for fear of being reported to the authorities. I am very concerned that free speech has been under attack in the US by Big Tech and the Federal Government.

Stop Radical Leftist Policies

Having survived Maoist China, I’ve seen these tactics before. I will fight against the radical leftist policies and I will fight against anyone who wants to use tax payer’s money to fund their Marxist nightmares.

Increase Energy Production

In 2022, the cost of fuel and electricity production has skyrocketed in New Hampshire. This is hurting working families, our businesses, and our economy.

Secure Our Borders

Our country is a melting pot of immigrants from all over the world who are here to strive for the American Dream. We need smart and sensible immigration reforms to provide streamlined processes for legal immigrants like myself.

Promote Life

I support SCOTUS’ decision and, as always, I urge all citizens to respect our Constitution, the legislative process, judicial independence, and the rule of law. We should promote life by supporting American families, caring for the sick and elderly, and working together to reduce abortions.

No Compromise on 2A

The right to keep and bear arms is our natural right of self-defense. Without the Second Amendment (2A), we can’t defend any of our rights in the Constitution.