Support Our Second Amendment

Our 2nd Amendment right is very dear to my heart, considering that 1.4 billion Chinese in my native country were totally disarmed by the CCP and have few options to fight back against their tyrannical government. It’s clear from the founders that the Second Amendment was put in the Constitution to protect us, the people, from tyranny. 

The right to bear arms comes from our individual right to self-defense. Without the second ammendment, defending our other constitutional rights becomes much more difficult. There are, however, people who abuse their right to own firearms and it is a real problem. If elected to Congress, I will work to repeal ineffective gun control laws that criminalize law abiding gun owners, but will also ensure that criminal and clearly insane behavior is dealt with.

I will promote national constitutional carry laws. There is no compromising on our constitutional rights.

Please read my first op-ed I ever wrote; I hope you will understand my passion to defend the second ammendment. Guns Against Tyranny | National Review

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