No Compromise on 2A

Our 2nd Amendment right is very dear to my heart, considering that 1.4 billion Chinese in my native country are totally disarmed without any ability to fight back against their tyrannical government. It’s clear from the founders that the Second Amendment was put in the Constitution, to protect us from tyranny, not to protect hunting. Around the world it is the most tyrannical governments who have disarmed their populations. We can’t let the same thing happen here.

Right to bear arms is our natural right for self-defense. Without 2A, we can’t defend any of our rights in the constitution. If elected in Congress, I will work with the others to repeal all gun control laws and stop the radical left’s efforts to criminalize law abiding gun owners.

I will promote national constitutional carry. I will not make any comprises because I know how we can easily lose our freedom if we are disarmed by tyrants. There is no compromising on our constitutional rights.

Please read my first op-ed published by National Review in 2013. I hope you will understand my passion to defend 2A. Guns Against Tyranny | National Review

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