Stop Socialist Government Policies

Socialistic policies are dividing our nation. Cultural Marxism has seeped into our governments, schools, and corporations. The Federal government is using our tax money to promote ideologies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) in its agencies and our military.  Many state governments and corporations are spreading these ideologies through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs.

These ideologies are being taught our children in public schools, and include ideologies of sexualization and teaching of age-inappropriate topics. Girls’ sports are threatened because biological males, which is seen is a gender choice, are allowed to compete against biological females.

Having survived Maoist China, I’ve seen these tactics and policies before. People are told they must achieve equity, and then agitated from on high to fight each other.  These typical Communist divide-and-conquer strategies are intended to segregate people into the “oppressors and the oppressed” to gain control and power over them. Remember, “Equity” does not mean equality – it is in fact a Communist term meaning equal outcome, which can only be achieved by using government forced wealth redistribution and discriminatory quotas.

I have written about this before.  Here is my published op-ed: UnionLeader: A Chinese immigrant’s warning on Critical Race Theory – Lily Tang Williams for Congress

I reject ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT).  CRT is based on the premise that because there isn’t equity, White Americans must be inherently racist. This is bizarre. What then are we to do with Asians, many if not most of whom do better than whites?  To move forward as a nation, we must stop listening to Democrat politicians, like Ann Kuster, who use race to divide us.  Instead, I will coherently focus like a laser on what is in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We ARE created equal in Gods eyes and the eyes of the law. And when we stray, we must strive to live up to our ideals, not tear those ideals down.  Let us remember what Martin Luther King said; judge others by their character, not their skin color.

The United States has come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. America wisely rejected the last racist social engineering scheme put forward by Democrats – Separate but Equal.  Why would we want to try yet another racial segregation scheme that is essentially the same thing? Minorities and immigrants like me hate it when we are told that we are oppressed. It immediately makes us feel inferior, weak, and incapable.  CRT is perfect for the thinking of closet aristocrats who call themselves Democrats.  Why do they insist on saving us minorities from their own kind?  Do they want us to supplicate, or to kiss their feet?  Really, all we want is the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  We want freedom and opportunity.

In Congress, I will fight against socialistic policies and I will fight against anyone who wants to fund them.

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