Protect Freedom of Speech

Growing up during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, I didn’t have free speech. I was afraid to speak up for fear of being reported to the authorities. Our family members whispered to each other so the neighbors could not hear us. China’s Communist Party controls free speech by censoring Internet, using Social Credit System to track people’s behaviors and social media posts, and silence any dissident voices. 

 I am very concerned that free speech has been under attack in the US by Big Tech and the Government.

People have to speak freely in order to think freely, exchange ideas, communicate with each other, in order to get to the truth and offer solutions to the problems we face as a country.  When others control your speech, they control your minds and thoughts, and keep you from seeking the truth.

Our First Amendment right protects our freedom of speech, especially speech we might not agree with.  It is essential to uphold freedom of speech for everyone because otherwise, any one of us could be silenced.  

We need representatives in Congress who will support your Constitutional right to free speech. We need to follow the laws that protect your rights, whether in the physical or digital town square. The American people should not be censored. When in Congress, I will always fight for free speech and stop censorship.

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