Increase Energy Production

The cost for fuel and electricity has skyrocketed in New Hampshire. The prices we pay are amongst the highest in the United States. This hurts New Hampshire families, businesses, and our economy.

The Biden administration has declared war[1] on domestic oil and gas exploration and production while at the same time at the beginning of his administration he begged Russia and Saudi Arabia for fuel imports. President Biden even asked Venezuela to sell oil to the U.S. We don’t even recognize Venezuela’s government as being legitimate because of its stolen election. This is both hypocritical and dangerous for America. We should not depend on unfriendly foreign countries to supply the energy we need to grow our economy. We can buy energy from some of our neighbors, such as Canada, but we should not become energy-dependent on countries that are not liberal democracies and are not friendly to our country.

We should strive for energy independence which has been the goal of every presidential administration, both Republican and Democrat, since the 1970’s OPEC oil embargo. For the first time ever, during the Trump administration we had energy independence but my opponent Ann Kuster opposed that independence. She supports Biden’s war on oil and gas. A vote for Kuster is a vote for higher gas prices at the pump, more expensive home heating oil and very high electricity rates.

Let’s restore our energy security by ending the war on domestic energy production. Let’s restart the Keystone pipeline that Biden shut down on his first day in White House.  Let’s allow increased oil leasing on public lands. We need to cut unnecessary regulations in order to provide long term stability for energy businesses. Only with such stability, we will see increased energy production and investments. Let us be open to using ALL energy sources including oil, gas, coal, nuclear power (which I am strongly in favor of,) and renewables. Let us also be open to a true free market in energy production and distribution.

Innovative and sustainable energy solutions will not occur when our economy is wrecked by imprudent energy policies and regulatory capture by special interests. While I also support alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, these options have to be both technically and economically viable for our state and country. We should be striving to make energy more affordable, not less.  We do not need the fantasy solutions of my opponent Ann Kuster – who supports the bad energy ideas of Biden and AOC[2].  We need smart and reliable energy solutions that yield inexpensive energy that is good for New Hampshire and our nation, now and into the future.

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