Defend Parental Rights

I grew up in Communist China where parents have no rights. In China, every child belongs to the State, and is subjected to centralized education and indoctrination in schools. The CCP has full control over what children are taught and data are collected about students and hidden from parents. I’m concerned that what I left in China is happening here in the United States.

Parents have a right to know what their children are taught in school.  As a parent myself, I believe schools should not be political indoctrination centers. The focus should be on teaching subjects like reading, writing, math, and science – not on divisive political agendas.

I believe that school choice should not just be a privilege of the wealthy. When it comes to education, I support the rights of New Hampshire parents to choose the best suitable school for their children.

The deepest human bond is between parents and their children. That bond must be protected and not torn apart by radical political agendas. In America, children belong to their parents, not the government.

When in Congress, I will represent the parents of New Hampshire because I know firsthand what it is like when parents do not have rights and control. I will sponsor, co-sponsor, and vote for the bills that support parental rights and parental control.

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